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Published Nov 16th 2007, 3:58am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles
November 9, 2007

The automotive business is one place where a woman's skill set (compassion, communication, creativity, organizational skills and multitasking) is appreciated. Got your interest? Read on...

Last year, a free event hosted by the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association (GNYADA) was dubbed "Chocolate, Cars and Careers" to entice more women to attend. This year they didn't need to win women over. The theme; "Women in the Driver's Seat: Automotive Career Forum for Women" was enough to enroll over 125 women.

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November 14, 2007

Wednesday is "hump day" here at This Full House of happy little idioms and many missing socks. Where DO all those slippery little buggers go?

No matter. The week is half over and to jump start one of our most favorite of weekend festivities - after soccer, of course! - we're reaching into our grab bag of really cool shopping tips and informative links.

Just so you know: Inside CRM posted 100 Places to Find Reviews for Every Product.

It is perhaps the largest list of sites offering real customer feedback, I've ever seen. It'll take me days to get through it - damn the laundry - I was, however, very happy to find a few of my favorite sites already listed.

Although, someone should tell them about Ask Patty and all of her wonderful automotive advice for women...easily read by men, too!

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November 14, 2007

True Story: An old friend of my mother's once had a choice between buying her son, who had a scholarship to a toney music school, his very own harp or paying a mechanic to rebuild the engine in her car so that she could drive it. She was an amazing mother, and opted to buy the harp, then spent several weeks taking the bus to and from work while she also attended an automotive class at the local community college and learned how to rebuild the engine herself. She had to endure a lot of teasing from the mostly male students in the class.

She died of Ovarian cancer several years ago, but I always think of her around this time of year, and so, in her honor, for this week's Women on Wheels, we're spotlighting Lori Johnson, whom we learned about from our friends at MagicHands.

Lori runs "Ladies, Start Your Engines," a hands-on automotive repair class just for women, which not only teaches women how to do basic auto work, but also gives them a sense of empowerment and confidence. I think this is really cool, because all drivers, male and female, should be able to do basic repairs.

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November 14, 2007

Time sure does pass fast when you're having fun! It seems like yesterday that we launched WomenCorp magazine. That was three months ago! We just published issue #6 this week and it's chock full of even more over-the-top, you've just gotta have this information. One of our newer partners, Cynthia Bazin, founder of Private Investigation & Security Consulting Agency, The Bazin Group, LLC, shares a few critical safety and security tips.

Jody DeVere of MagicHands, asks us, "Teen Drivers: Track Them or Trust Them?" You'll find some intriguing information and stats that will get you thinking in this article.

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