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My tailights are staying on after the vehicle is off and all the dash operations and warning lights keep coming off and nothing will work on the dash then it will pop back on

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at MagicHands


Thank you for writing in. When it comes to electrical problems, you will have to start with the basics and trace down the problem. Due to the wide range of components that seem to be affected, you are going to want to start at the battery, leading to the fuse box. Check for any signs of damaged wires, and make sure all connections are clean, dry, and tight. Once inspecting the fuse box, look for signs of loose wiring, damaged fuses, and inspect the integrity of the fuse box itself. I suspect there is a short somewhere, or an issue with the power supply to all of these various components. The fuse box is where that power supply to the various electronics is diverted from the battery to each component. Further testing and inspection must be done. Good luck!

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